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A-1425 - Plot of 675 sq.m. for sale. with S.D. 0.5 in Riga Feraou in Kardamitsia Ioannina

Riga Fereou, Kardamitsia Date Confirmed:  24-10-2022


Plot of 675 sq.m. for sale. in Riga Feraou in Kardamitsa, Ioannina.
Plot characteristics:
SD: 0.5
Coverage : 40%
Maximum Height: 9 meters (additional 2 meters for a roof with a 40% slope which is mandatory)
Number of floors: 2
In a very nice location in the area of Kardamitsia



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Base Information

Square meter
675.27 sqmt

Land Information

Square Meters
675.27 sqmt


Community Amenities

Close to Schools
Close to Shops
Close to Pharmacy

Landscape Amenities

Nice View



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