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A-1570 - A plot of land of 9,857 sq.m. for sale with a warehouse near the Ioannina - Athens highway at the height of the customs office

Mpafra, Bafra, 45221 Date Confirmed:  06-11-2023


Plot of land 9,857.09 sq.m. for sale near the Ioannina - Athens highway at the height of the customs office.
Construction Factor: For the stadiums with an area of more than 8,000 sq.m. for the first 8,000 sq.m.: 258 sq.m. and for the rest, the product of the remaining area times the factor of 0.009 under no circumstances exceeding 360 sq.m.
10% coverage.
With access to two roads with a face of approximately 41 meters on both.
Within the plot there is an electrified warehouse of 162.31 sq.m.



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Base Information

Square meter
9857.09 sqmt

Land Information

Square Meters
9857.09 sqmt


Exterior Amenities



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